The Beautifully Ugly Season

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Hello Unescorted Family,
This is Destiny Valdez and we are honored to have her as our guest blogger today! Destiny is a recent graduate of Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is a beautiful young woman with big dreams and a heart of gold. She opens up today and shares some of the raw struggles she has recently faced. We hope you  are encouraged and strengthened through her story the same way we were.
Enjoy, “The Beautifully Ugly Season.”
If I could take you through the hardest season of my life it would consist of many nights full of crying, asking God where he is, and endless thoughts of disappointment. But if I could show you the beautiful side of this season, it is the fact that I have grown to trust God, set aside my will and truly seek his will for my life, and getting to wake up every morning to speak the promises of God through scripture over my life.
It has been a beautifully ugly season. I can’t tell you how many times I have cried (like I am now), how many times I’ve wanted to give up, and how many times I’ve questioned my calling. He promised me so many things and yet, I am in my room with his promises still unfulfilled. Trusting God is WAY harder than I ever pictured it being.
See, when you leave the bubble of a Christian University, your relationship with God is really tested. I don’t get to go to chapel every week, I don’t have a prayer tower within walking distance of my home, I don’t have people prophesying over me often, and I don’t hear worship music 24/7. Instead, I am around others who are bringing people down with their words rather than speaking life into them, weekends where I don’t go to church and don’t have a chapel to “make up” for them, and barely a handful of friends who believe in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.
When I was in school surrounded by other believers, I was so strong in my faith, values, and it was so easy to live the “Christian life.” Now, it is hard, it is work, and sometimes it is exhausting. As many of you know, I have been looking for a job since before graduation and my faith has never been tested more than it has in these past 4 months. I thought once I graduated I was going to thrive in the workforce and I was right on the path of getting my dream job. Instead, it has been the exact opposite of that.
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But who said that following Jesus is easy? Who said that trusting God is easy? Who said that stepping out in faith is easy? Well if that is what you heard, sorry to crush your fantasy, it is not. Just like any other relationship, it requires quality time, communication, and intimacy. However, that is the beauty of it all.
I was praying the other day and I was writing down in my journal whatever came to me and God reminded me at the end of that journal entry, “Your promise is not over yet, it is just beginning.”
Let God take you through that beautifully ugly season.  I have learned through this season what it is like to truly delight in the Lord and his ways. It hurts so good, because Jesus is stretching you, he’s molding you, and he is stripping you of yourself. He’s working in the background and just beginning the process of your promises. This season is preparing you for your promise. If he would have handed it to you when you asked for it, then you would not have known how to cultivate the gift and the promise. Instead of complaining and believing the lies of the enemy, proclaim your victory. God called things to life that were dead as though they were. Speak life over your situation and prepare for your promise.
Preparation is key to any big event in life. Esther had to prepare for 12 months before she could become queen. She went through various beauty treatments, such as 6 months with oil of myrrh and 6 months with perfume and cosmetics (Esther 2:12). The king wanted the best and when she arrived after 12 months of preparation, she won him over and became queen.
Don’t take this season for granted, instead just like Esther, prepare for your promise. Soak yourself in prayer, meditation, and the word. As I am going through this time of hardship, God has shown me the beauty of trusting him through this season of preparation. I am reminded that his ways are greater than my own and his timing is always perfect. I may not be where I expected or even where other people expected me to be, but as long as I am walking in the perfect will of the Lord then I have to learn to be faithful where I am at.
I encourage you to be faithful where the Lord has you and prepare for your promise in your beautifully ugly season.
Thank you for reading,

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