My Trip to The DR



Beautiful people!

I feel like it has been awhile since I have blogged but I just wanted to give you a quick update on my life and what God has been doing. Recently I went to Dominican Republic on a missions trip. Not only did I see miracles but the trip in of itself was miraculous. As a teenager my heart always yearned to go on a mission trip, but I remember always feeling that it was something unattainable for me. Even verbalizing that right now makes me laugh because isn’t it funny how irrational that is! Needless to say, God proved me wrong, he helped me attain that deep desire in my heart and the irony was I went on my first mission trip as a 23 year old Minister – look at God.



So lets get back to it. I went to Dominican Republic with a Ministry I work for called God’s E.R. – which stands for Emergency Restoration. The verse that we stand on is “through Christ we are free from all things.” This ministry integrates psychological understanding and the word of God together to walk people through the deepest level of complete healing and freedom. We minister to people with schizophrenia, bi-polar, autism, depression, suicide, and even people who just need emotional or physical healing. Individuals meet one on one with Ministers, like myself, to fulfill the God given promise in peoples lives: free from ALL things. Yes I have actually seen people completely healed from schizophrenia, bi-polar, autism, depression, and literal physical healings.


Long story short we run and operate a full-time ministry in Tulsa, OK – that is our home base but we also send teams to travel with a ministry called The 99 (in the Dominican it is called El Xtremo) where we plant God’s E.R. programs. The truth of the matter is people are hurting. Real people, with real lives, with real problems, with real pains and with real needs! And we serve a God that is REAL and he is willing to really heal, really provide and really deliver! And Praise God he is using me to see people get radically touched by his love and power. The things I have seen in ministry sessions have literally changed my life as well as those who received ministry.


I kid you not, there is something about going to an underdeveloped country and see people receive the gospel truth – they soak it up like a sponge and miracles just break out. I absolutely fell in LOVE the Dominican culture and the people but I loved seeing God do the miraculous because of his love. I encountered God in so many different ways it would take me all day to tell you what he did in the 7 days I was abroad but I just wanted to share of a few instances.

The Man Who Was Healed: 

Each day while we would enter into prayer, we knew that God wanted us to pray with people who needed physical healing. On the 3rd night of El Xtremo I saw a man walk into our tent that looked like one of his legs wasn’t functioning properly. After the preliminary prayer I asked one of our interpreters, Pastor Louis, to ask the man if he wanted us to pray for his leg. The man agreed and leaned completely over a near-by table, putting his face in his hands waiting for us to start praying. I knelt down and placed my hands on his leg, I closed my eyes and just allowed
the verses of scripture on healing to bubble up out of me. We maybe prayed for 30 seconds and when I finished the prayer and stood up, the Lord instantly healed his leg. I was absolutely beside myself. This was my first time ever seeing a miracle! Before we prayed he could only walk a few feet while dragging his un-usable leg. When he first came into the tent I watched him walk a few feet and then have to take a break; after our prayer he was able to walk completely normal with full weight on both legs. IMG_2148-2I remember thinking “there is no way he just got healed, that was so simple.” I actually didn’t even believe it at first, but I will never forget the joy and happiness on his face showed how thankful he was that he was able to walk again. Even telling this story moves me – Jesus is always willing to heal.

Visions of Jesus

When we weren’t at the tent with El Xtremo, we were at a local church training Dominicans and taking their people through personal ministry. A woman I ministered to was frustrated with me upon arrival for her personal ministry appointment because I did not speak Spanish, nor did I have an interpreter. Through very few Spanish words I had learned that morning and through the Google translate app, I slowly walked her through our one-on-one personal ministry process. During the forgiveness prayers there is time designated for emotional healing where the participant allows Jesus to speak his truth into the trauma’s and pains of their life to receive healing. During this particular session as I closed my eyes to pray for her I saw Jesus walk into the room, stand beside her and put his hand on her shoulder. Each time I closed my eyes I saw him there IMG_2191ministering to her on the right side with his hand on her shoulder. I had her write down in Spanish her experience – because each time we would pray she was overwhelmed with tears. Because of the language barrier I could only ask if she was doing okay and she would say “muy bien, gloria adios,” which means: very good, glory to God. I was extremely curious as to what she was experiencing throughout the session because I could sense such a sweet presence of God, all I knew was when I shut my eyes Jesus was standing beside her on her right side with his hand on her shoulder. Once we finished her personal ministry I took the testimony she wrote down to an interpreter. In the testimony she stated that she she had never experienced anything like God’s E.R. in her life, that she physically felt better and during the prayers Jesus came and stood beside her, put his hand on her shoulder as he healed her heart. Wow. wow. wow. wow.

.IMG_2227Another woman I ministered to, who also didn’t speak any English, the Lord gave me another vision during her emotional healing. In this vision he came down and grabbed her and took her to the throne room. When he took her to heaven she was a little girl, in a red dress with pink butterflies around her. God the Father placed her on his lap while Jesus and the Holy Spirit stood over her ministering to her – showing me the love he had for his daughter. In tears I opened my eyes feeling God’s tangible love for the 50 year old woman in front of me. I knew that the Lord gave me that vision because he was communicating to me he was healing the issues in her life that rooted from pain all the way back to when she was a 5 year old girl, who loved pink butterflies. She looked back up at me from this particular prayer and we both had hot tears streaming down our faces – we couldn’t speak each others language but we connected in that moment in such an intimate way; we both were overwhelmed with God’s love. Later that evening at the Spiritual Warfare Conference this woman stood up and testified about what God did in her personal ministry session. How God took her back to memories that she had long forgotten and healed every wound. She was one of our female ministers that showed up every night at El Xtremo to lead prayers in Spanish in our tent.


Overall my biggest testimony was watching people experience God’s love, I have endless stories I could share. I really want to tell you guys about when I saw an Angel but I think I will save that for another post.

I want you guys to start really thinking about the deep desires in your heart. There is deep desires you’ve had all of your life – just like me – that God is wanting to fulfill in THIS season you are in NOW. Write them down and even let us know so we can stand in faith with you for those things!

I would be doing you all a disservice if I didn’t extend an invitation for those of you who need healing. Maybe you have nightmares, you have suffered from anxiety attacks, maybe you feel depressed or just can’t get over certain things in your past. OR maybe you just need a physical healing – I can walk you through the God’s E.R. process helped me completely get over my own panic disorder and God can help you! I would LOVE to discuss these things with you please message me anytime!

Stay tuned! So much more to come!

Sonia Larcom






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