When I Grow Up


I am a childcare teacher. Every day is different and I learn things about my own life every day through the eyes of a child. It has caused me to see things from a new perspective.

Working with children, you hear the greatest stories from the purest hearts. I love how honest children are. Some days they are more honest with me than I am with myself. They straight up tell me I look tired that day, or I look old, or because I am a teacher I am too old to have a mommy. The list goes on and on.

My most favorite question to ask kids is “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I’m not sure why I love asking it, but the response always makes me smile. Ninja turtles is probably the most popular answer, but there’s a fair share of princesses, superheroes, and so on.

Their answers always intrigue me because it shows our ability as humans to dream, even at a young age. We were born to be dreamers. If fear of rejection, failure, and loss didn’t exist, just think of how much bigger we would dream.

I always wonder at what point those children come to the conclusion that they won’t actually be superheroes and princesses. I know we don’t live in a fairytale, and as far as I know there isn’t an unknown superhero world, but why should that stop us from dreaming?


When I was a young child, I was convinced I would be a “baby doctor”. I remember watching “A Baby Story” on TLC every day. I took the job of taking care of my baby dolls VERY serious. I didn’t know how difficult it was to actually become a doctor. No one ever told me that part. I just kept on dreaming.

Next, I wanted to be a dancer and a singer – which, if you know me you would probably laugh because doing both of those things in public frighten me. All I wanted was to be famous, now all I want is to be happy in life. (That was really deep)

At one point I wanted to be the president, but who doesn’t? I did end up becoming student body president of my school three years in a row, so I guess I became president, just not how I imagined it.

Then there came a point in time where I decided I have no idea what I want to be, and like the rest of the world, I’m still figuring it out.

Sometimes the kids will ask me, “Miss Mallek, what do you want to be when you grow up?” Mostly I say “I don’t know”, because, I really just don’t know, but recently when I was asked, I told them I wanted to be Spiderman. I’m not quite sure why I told them that (I would much rather be Elsa or Anna). I think it’s because I want them to know that they don’t have to stop dreaming.

When I told them, they weren’t surprised. They didn’t laugh and say “Miss Mikayla, you can’t be that!” They just simply shrugged it off like it was nothing new and went on with the rest of their day.


Let’s be real, folks…

I know I’m not going to be a baby doctor, but what if God placed that desire in my heart at a young age because He knew I was destined to be a mother.

I can assure you I won’t become a dancer and a singer, but what if God placed those desires in my heart because he knew I would be a worshipper.

As much as I still would love to be president, I know that the chances are slim, but what if God placed that desire in my heart because one day I would grow up and change nations? What if one day I would grow up to become a leader and pioneer a movement?

We don’t always know why God gives us desires, but I am fully convinced that those desires have a purpose. We might not be called to be superheroes, but we are called to save those around us and show them the love of Christ. We aren’t all going to be princesses but we are all royalty and are princes and princesses of the one true King.

If you have a dream – however absurd or crazy or preposterous you tell yourself it might be.. there’s a reason for it. Your dreams and desire are what make you who you are. They might turn out much differently than you imagined, but don’t lose sight of them.


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