Welcome to Unescorted


Welcome to our blog!!! We are so honored that you would take the time to come and see what Unescorted is all about. We are three friends who are students in Bible school, part-time nannies, and full-time single women!  Our friendship seemed to blossom over night and is the definition of a match made in Heaven. The three of us never have a boring time when we are all together. We are always laughing, sharing our experiences, and being transparent with one another. We find ourselves talking about being single, and reflecting on this season of life we are all in. Even though we are all walking through the same season, we see things differently and have all been through various experiences. There is so much wisdom in different perspectives and Unescorted is a place where this will expound. Our friendship is basically like a reality TV show, so we figured we might as well let the world tune in. In sharing our struggles, we found encouragement, which birthed the idea for Unescorted.

Quite frankly, Unescorted was created from a pity party. We were all sitting around the dinner table one night venting about how single we are, dreaming about having amazingly romantic boyfriends, and wishing that by some miracle we could snap our fingers and suddenly have a bae! Then in a moment it hit us like a ton of bricks, what are we doing right now? We’ve been given such a gift but we are too busy competing, comparing, and complaining to truly appreciate what we’ve been given. The conversation took a shift and we immediately began dreaming about how we could on purpose redefine singlehood for ourselves and encourage others to do the same. Our hope is that through our vulnerability in this journey of our singlehood you can be encouraged and strengthened. We want to inspire you to try new things, make new friends, be spontaneous, and take this time to become the very best version of YOU! Use this beautiful gift of singleness to become the best version of yourself and become the partner that you are looking for. Is that easier said than done? Absolutely, but we are all in this together and we want to take this journey with you.

“My prince charming is not coming on a white horse…He’s obviously riding on a turtle somewhere really confused…” Lol, stay encouraged beautiful women he’s coming someday soon, but in the mean time let’s be single and love every minute of it. These moments are irreplaceable and there are so many memories to be made, lessons to be learned, and friendships to be discovered.

We look forward to taking this journey with you! Please feel free to contact us and share your stories, experiences, or creative ideas with us (see the Say Hello page).  Our desire is for this to be an interactive blog and we aspire to help you create a brand new perspective on being Unescorted!

Until next time friends,

Rae, Sonia Dee, & MJ